Contract testing

Hegewald & Peschke MPT GmbH offers contract testings in the company-owned application laboratory, which are conducted promptly and conforming to standards by experienced specialized staff on customer order.  The laboratory is equipped with current measurement and testing technology. All applied material testing devices are calibrated. The company`s own operating software LabMaster, which has been specially developed for the use in the field of material and component testing, guarantees an optimal recording of the measured data.

We offer the following tests at different materials:

- Tensile, compression, flexural and peel tests up to 250kN, temperature range from  -70 °C to +250 °C including strain
- Micro and small load hardness tests
- Hardness spreading (incl. case depth and effective nitrided case depth)
- Vickers-Brinell-Rockwell hardness determination up to 250kp (2452 N)
- Portable hardness tests (on site)
- Component tests

After detailed clearance with the customer the test procedures are defined and via pretests the optimal test conditions for the customer specific requirements are adjusted. The data interpretation is undertaken by our specialist engineers and provided for the customers in the form of standardized test protocols. Hence the customers receive well-grounded measurands and parameters of their materials without the necessity of raising funds for an own testing machine.

Contact person:
Ms Wagner
Tel.: +49 35242 445 604


Safe test results: